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Brighton Health Campus - History: 1980s

Evolution of the Eventide Nursing Home and Brighton Health Campus


1981 – Stage 1

Dolphin House which was stage one of the redevelopment of Eventide opened on 11th April.

Stage one consisted of an air-conditioned three story main block and a single story service wing. The main block contained 149 nursing home beds, comprising two 70 bed units for residents requiring extensive care and occupied the two top floors with ground floor housing the administration, clinics and allied health services.

The single-storey ground floor wing provided large storage areas, pharmacy, kitchen, service areas and staff amenities. The residents accommodated in Dolphin House were aged men and women requiring extensive and heavy nursing care.

1983 – Stage 2

Stage two of the redevelopment program was officially opened by His Royal Highness the Prince Of Wales, Prince Charles, on the 12th April. Stage two was designed to provide 192 beds in three 64 bed units – Flinders House (confused aged), Ebbtide House (frail aged) and Gannet House (well aged).

Due to demographic changes, Eventide adapted the facility to meet the future needs of the residents. This involved a system of equalising the residents of each house - ensuring an equal mix of light and heavy nursing residents. Only Axelsen house continued to provide hostel (low level) care.

1985 – Stage 3

The final stage of redevelopment was officially opened on the 25th October 1985 by the honourable B.C. Austin M.L.A Minister for Health. It included two 64 bed units (Gannet and Coral House), similar to those build in stage two.

Other features of this stage of redevelopment included; interdenominational chapel, a multi-purpose theatre catering for cinema and live theatre, a library with facility for tapes, books and visual aids, office accommodation, a three hole mini golf course, canteen, dance area, workshops and garages, a bowls club house and post office.

On 25th October 1985, the final stage of the redevelopment program which commenced in 1980 was completed and officially opened by the Minister for Health Brian Austin.

Annual Reports and Links

Annual Reports

The Prince of Wales, visiting Gannet House, Eventide, 1983-1984. from Queensland State Archives.

Stage One (1) opened in 1981. by Brighton Health Campus. (CC BY-NC 4.0)

Stage Two (2) opened 1983. by Brighton Health Campus. (CC BY-NC 4.0)

Dining room of Flinders House 1983. from Queensland State Archives.

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