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Brighton Health Campus - History: 1950s

Evolution of the Eventide Nursing Home and Brighton Health Campus



Accommodation available was kept up to suit the number of residents.  As at 30 June 1952 there were 902 residents at Eventide. Staff consisted of 211, and with the end of the war, more personnel were available to fill vacancies.


By 1956-57, 1,479 persons were resident in the four State benevolent asylums and 672 persons in the 16 other benevolent asylums. The cost of running these institutions in 1956-57 had increased to £531,000 for the State benevolent asylums and £172,655 for the other benevolent asylums.

Government funding for State asylums increased from 59.8% of receipts in 1935-36 to 80.1% in 1956-57 and for other benevolent asylums from 4.2% to 9.1% over the same period.


Sandgate Community Theatre Group called ''Sandgate Theatre Incorporated'' began performing in the Sandgate Town Hall.


Her Royal Highness Princess Alexandra was a welcomed visitor.

Redcliffe sewerage treatment plant was completed and the first house connected.


Bowling Green Eventide 1947. from Queensland State Archives.

New site for building, Eventide Home ca.1950. from Queensland State Archives.

Nursing Uniform 1950. Nursing Uniform 1946. by Brighton Health Campus. (CC BY-NC 4.0)

HRH Princess Alexandra visiting Eventide, September 1959. from Queensland State Archives.

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